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On certain nights, if you listen closely
As the wind gently blows through your window
You can hear the moon making love to the night
Such a sweet song they sing
And tonight I sing it to thee.


Had we never met
Tis possible
I would have never experienced true love
As I have with you.

For true love is found deep within
As is perfect beauty
Both of which you possess in abundance

In my life
I have witnessed the most breathtaking of sunsets
Indeed the most delicate and beautiful snowfalls
I have laid eyes upon the brilliant colors of leaves in the fall
None of which rival the beauty and passion that I have found within you.

This love and beauty cannot be purchased,
Nor can it be traded or sold
It is eternal my princess.

If I die tomorrow, know this . . .
I would carry it even to the grave
For not even death could separate my love for you.

When you are away
My aching heart cries out for passion
And it bleeds loneliness
For a second without you, is like a lifetime of blindness.

As we grow old

You will always have my heart
You will always feel my soul
When you are weak, I shall be strong
And I will always love you