Bloody Lane

Taken at Antietam Battlefield in Sharpsburg, MD. Bloody Lane is a historic location of particularly heavy fighting in the center of the lines during the Battle of Antietam.  You can read more about the battle here.

Photograph Bloody Lane by Bryan Zimmerman on 500px

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Nor’easter photos

Hey gang …

A whole week without a post … geez!

We have been dealing with a ton of snow here in the Northeast, and I have been working crazy hours and trying to make the best of the weather.  Here are a handful of photos I took with my iPhone over the past week for your snow envy enjoyment, and while you’re wishing you were here, I will be working on my next post.

FYI … these photos were edited with Snapseed :)

Life Death And Other Famous Recipes – Whore

From my forthcoming book entitled, “Life Death And Other Famous Recipes.”  To find out more and sign up for the mailing list, click HERE.


Deranged puppets are we
Bloodied strings tangled on rotting thorns
We slit our wrists on empty prayers
To feed the whore with tainted blood

Seek and you shall find her
Legs spread wide
No fee
Only consequence

Her umbilical cord is a snake
Feeding off abandoned souls
Cremating their dreams

In her world
Angels dance with corpses
And heaven vomits up fallen stars

The night trembles in her presence