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Bethlehem photowalk 2014

I took a personal day and decided to do a solo photowalk in the beautiful downtown historic district of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I took the following photos using my Canon T2i and processed them using Lightroom, Photoshop, and Google NIK plugins. Click any image to... read more

Lehigh Valley Landmarks

Lehigh Valley Landmarks Coplay Cemet Kilns (Saylor Park Industrial Museum) and Arlington Memorial Park are treasures for those of us who call Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania home.  I shot these bracketed with my Canon EOS T2i and HOYA polarizer filter.  Adobe... read more

Bloody Lane

Taken at Antietam Battlefield in Sharpsburg, MD. Bloody Lane is a historic location of particularly heavy fighting in the center of the lines during the Battle of Antietam.  You can read more about the battle here. Direct link to Bloody Lane... read more

Nor’easter photos

Hey gang … A whole week without a post … geez! We have been dealing with a ton of snow here in the Northeast, and I have been working crazy hours and trying to make the best of the weather.  Here are a handful of photos I took with my iPhone over the past... read more