Are those children I hear
Playing in the sun?
Laughing, running, being kids
Until the day is done?

Are they reading stories?
Are they singing songs?
Are there hands filled with crayons
Coloring all day long?

Is that a boy I see?
Walking with his dad?
Hand in hand they talked for hours
What a time they had.

And over there, is that a girl
Sitting with her mom?
Sharing what she wants to be someday
Trying jewelry on?

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Dedicated to Michelle .... my soul sister

Trapped beneath the ice
Darkness taunting my sanity
So cold is the poison
Of guilt, pain and regret

This prison which surrounds me
Was built not with stone
But with anger
And memories that haunt me

My tears
Dance on the edge of death

Feeding my rage
Twisting my mind

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I always had a fascination with photo manipulation, and over the past 6 months decided to test the waters. I've been pleasantly surprised what can be accomplished with my smart phone and a handful of apps.

In this edit I used the initial unedited photo provided, added a royalty free stock background from Unsplash, and brought it all together using various apps. This was completely done on the iPhone 6 plus. Thanks to FX HDR for choosing this edit as one of their Freestyle Challenge Favorites! Check out the post here.