Dedicated to Michelle .... my soul sister

Trapped beneath the ice
Darkness taunting my sanity
So cold is the poison
Of guilt, pain and regret

This prison which surrounds me
Was built not with stone
But with anger
And memories that haunt me

My tears
Dance on the edge of death

Feeding my rage
Twisting my mind

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I always had a fascination with photo manipulation, and over the past 6 months decided to test the waters. I've been pleasantly surprised what can be accomplished with my smart phone and a handful of apps.

In this edit I used the initial unedited photo provided, added a royalty free stock background from Unsplash, and brought it all together using various apps. This was completely done on the iPhone 6 plus. Thanks to FX HDR for choosing this edit as one of their Freestyle Challenge Favorites! Check out the post here.

Upon entrance to my prison
The evil is present and real
Despair hangs like a thick black fog
The rafters sweat words of hate
The walls reek of jealousy
As I begin the descent to my cell
I feel my very soul being raped of its life force

The atmosphere chills me to the bone
Like cold steel pressed against my skin
The ground I walk on offers no comfort
It just laughs, taunting my aching joints

Screams echo in the distance
Nameless voices crying for freedom
My cell door slams shut in violent anger
As the warden begins bellowing his commands
I sit at my concrete slab, pen in hand
And say, dear Lord, it’s only 8 a.m.

My soul
Like an old piece of gum
Chewed up and spit out
Flavor exhausted

Sometimes it is played with
Perhaps a child with dirty filthy fingers
It stretches and snaps
And eventually breaks

Or maybe it winds up on someone’s shoe
A madman?
A widow?
A rock star?

It could wind up under a desk
For years
Until some goodie two shoes virgin wanabee
Removes it
And throws it into the trash

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